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Opening Residency

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The opening residency is the official start of the program. The Opening Residency is your introduction to Virginia Tech and the Executive MBA Program. Generally held off-site, the 3-day residency is designed to introduce new business concepts, provide an environment with few distractions to encourage bonding amongst the Cohort, and welcome you into the Virginia Tech family. This Residency will challenge you to examine your ethical perspective, leadership style, team expectations, and your guiding principles.

Study Abroad

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EMBA students in Rome

The 10-day study abroad course will enable participants to gain first-hand insight on how business activities and processes are influenced by the prevailing economic, political, regulatory, technological, social and cultural environment of the countries to be visited. Building on the EMBA theme of “developing leaders for a global economy ” the residency experience is intended to provide students with a unique and valuable worldview of business that they can use to guide and structure their own management practices and careers, both now and in the future.

Students typically visit two countries focusing on the selected theme, “Contrasts in Economic Development,” through visits with both local and foreign businesses as well as relevant governmental organizations. They explore each country’s role in the global economy, visiting businesses that represent key industry sectors and core competencies targeted by that country – shared services, manufacturing, engineering, information & communication technology, financial, etc. The Study Abroad program also incorporates cultural experiences and tours to gain an appreciation for the unique and rich heritage of each country.

Past Study Abroad Locations
Peru and Chile, 2015 Germany and Croatia, 2014
Argentina and Peru, 2014 Brazil and Chile, March 2013
Hungary and Italy, July 2012 Thailand and Hong Kong, March 2012
Turkey and Ireland, July 2011 Chile and Argentina, February 2011
Germany, Czech Republic and Austria, July 2010 Hong Kong and Vietnam, February 2010
Finland and Russia, June 2009 Chile and Argentina, February 2009
Hungary, Scotland, and Ireland, May 2008 China and Vietnam, January 2008
Ireland and Spain, April 2007 Chile and Brazil, January 2007
Ireland and Czech Republic, April 2006 Switzerland and Italy, April 2005