Kevin Rice's Testimonial


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Kevin D. Rice, Vice President, ProSphere, Appalachian Cohort, 2012

The husband/father/student: My search for an EMBA program which would provide the best fit for my family, career, and educational goals started three years before I selected the VT EMBA program. I wanted a program which offered close contact between the working professionals/students and teachers; I desired companions on my journey of self-growth and exploration through an engaging cohort experience, as well as, support and understanding by the administration of the sacrifice my family was about to make on my behalf. I interviewed multiple highly ranked programs in the nation and all seemed to pale in comparison to the fit I found in the VT EMBA program. This program was honest about the commitment of time, effort and sacrifice required to be successful, the focus on the individual commitment to the program and the potential benefits I would derive from the experience and education were clearly stated and purposefully reinforced. The struggle to balance my career, school and family commitments often left the latter with limited time and often neglected. To say I did not miss valuable moments of each of my children growing up over the 18 month program would be dishonest and untrue, however, my passion to grow as an individual, intellectually and professionally provided a wonderful example to my children of the benefits and fulfillment education can provide in your life. I have benefited professionally, financially and personally through my time In the VT EMBA program, but one of the greatest insights to the success of the program on my family was when my eight year old son told me he was going to get his MBA just like his papa. His comprehension of the value the EMBA degree has brought to our family speaks volumes to the quality of the program, the school and my fellow cohort members who have become my extended family. Being an Entrepreneur who has owned three businesses, the investment I have spent in obtaining my EMBA has shown a significant return in my career growth, my educational /professional knowledge and securing a successful future for my family.