Faculty Bios

The Pamplin College of Business faculty has a tripartite mission: research, teaching and service. This mission empowers our faculty to provide the exact kind of business education that is needed to manage the more complex organizations of today. We have carefully selected the Pamplin EMBA program faculty keeping in mind the interactive nature of the program. Our full-time faculty from Blacksburg as well as the Northern Virginia campus teach in the program.

E-Guidebook , Alan Abrahams, assistant professor of BIT, and Online Business Guidebook student leaders Damon Silva and Andrea Lovett with the new edition of the guide

Alan Abrahams headshot

Alan Abrahams
Assistant Professor, BIT
Office: Pamplin 2068
Phone: 540-231-5887
Email: abrahams@vt.edu

Ralph Badinelli

Ralph Badinelli
Professor, BIT
Office: Pamplin 2078
Phone: 540-231-7688
Email: ralphb@vt.edu

Sudip Bhattacharjee Professional Image Cropped

Sudip Bhattacharjee
Konrad W. Kubin
Junior Faculty Fellow Associate Professor,
Office: VT Northern Graduate Center, Suite 362
Phone: 703-538-8422
Email: sudipb@vt.edu

Becker Headshot

William J. Becker
Associate Professor, MGT-NCR
Phone: 703-538-8408
Email: beckerwj@vt.edu


Randall S. Billingsley
Associate Professor, Finance
Office: Pamplin 2112
Phone: 540-231-7374
Email: r.billingsley@vt.edu

Kevin Carlson


Kevin D. Carlson
Department Head, Professor, MGT
Office: Pamplin 2007
Phone: 540-231-6353
Email: kevinc@vt.edu

Jason K Deane, Bus Inf Tech


Jason Deane
Associate Professor, BIT
Office: Pamplin 2066
Phone: 540-231- 4535
Email: jason.deane@vt.edu


John Easterwood
Associate Professor, Finance
Office: Pamplin 3058
Phone: 540-231-5550
Email: jceast@vt.edu


Brian Gittens
Phone: 434-422-2852
Email: bgittens@vt.edu

Gnyawali cropped

Devi Gnyawali
R. B. Pamplin Professor of Management
Office: Pamplin 2011
Phone: 540-231-5021
Email: devi@vt.edu

Donald E. Hatfield, Mgt

Hatfield cropped

Donald Hatfield
Associate Professor, MGT
Office: VT Northern Virginia Graduate Center, Suite 346
Phone: 703-538-8418
Email: hatfield@vt.edu

Hiller cropped

Janine Hiller
Professor of Business Law, Finance
Office: Pamplin 2120
Phone: 540-231-7346
Email: jhiller@vt.edu

Barbara Hoopes, Northern Virginia Center and National Capital Region


Barbara Hoopes
Associate Professor, BIT
Office: VT Northern Virginia Graduate Center, Suite 348
Phone: (703) 538-8409
Email: bhoopes@vt.edu

Mahmood Khan, Director of Graduate Program, Hospitality and Tourism, National Capital Region, Virginia Tech


Mahmood Khan
Professor, Hospitality and Tourism Managment
Office: VT Northern Virginia Graduate Center, Suite 366
Phone: 703-538-8486
Email: mahmood@vt.edu

Raman Kumar, Fin


Raman Kumar
R.V. and A.F. Oliver Professor of Investment Management, Finance
Office: Pamplin 1019
Phone: 540-231-5700
Fax: 540-231-3155
Email: rkumar@vt.edu

mansi Headshot

Sattar Mansi
Wells Fargo Professor of Finance
Phone: 703-538-8406
Email: smansi@vt.edu


Richard Newman
Adjunct Professor
Phone: 410-451-5215 (home office)
Email: oxford@vt.edu

Linda Oldham, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Business.


Linda Oldham
Exec. Director - Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics
Office: Pamplin 1030
Phone: 540-231-6588
Email: loldham@vt.edu


Debra Salbador
Darrell D. and Betty R. Martin Junior Faculty Fellow, Associate Professor, ACIS
Office: Pamplin 8163
Phone: 540-231-2511
Email: salbador@vt.edu

Linda F. Tegarden, associate professor of management in the Pamplin College of Business, 2011 Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence.


Linda Tegarden
Associate Professor
Office: Pamplin 2090
Phone: 540-231-5065
Email: tegarden@vt.edu

Richard Wokutch, Mgmt


Richard Wokutch
R. B. Pamplin Professor in Management
Office: Pamplin 2017
Phone: 540-231-6353
Email: wokutch@vt.edu